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Dr Michael Read at Gold Coast Circumcision Centre has performed circumcision on infants, boys and men for over 30 years

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Gold Coast Circumcision Centre

Dr Michael Read has operated and performed circumcision for more than thirty years. To learn more about the circumcision procedure and Dr Michael Read, click below to visit the Gold Coast Circumcision Centre website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I awake during the circumcision process?

Most patients choose to use a local anaesthesia and are awake during the procedure. However, general anaesthesia is available if you wish to be completely unconscious.

At Gold Coast Circumcision Centre, adult circumcision surgery does not require referral. You can simply ring our clinic on (07) 5531 3205, make an appointment and come in and talk to Dr Read. He will discuss the circumcision operation with you. You are under no pressure to procced with circumcision if you decide it is not for you.

Circumcision does not require hospital admission. The procedure is performed in our practice-based operating rooms located at Gold Coast Surgery Centre, Level 2, 103 Nerang Street, Southport.

Circumcision does not interfere significantly with work and study. You will need to have the day of your surgery off work and ideally a further day or two of rest. Some enthusiastic patients do return to work the next day. If you are travelling to the Gold Coast for your surgery, please plan to spend at least 1-2 days here.

Pain during the circumcision and afterwards is absent or minor. A topical anaesthetic cream provides most of the numbing effect, but it is supplemented by local anaesthetic injections if necessary and by some medication to sedate and relax patients if they request.

You might have had a circumcision and be unhappy with the outcome. Dr Read commonly operates on men to provide a more pleasing cosmetic result if there is excessive skin scarring or irregularity

Many men have encountered terms like high and low and tight and loose. These refer to the location of the cut or scar and the amount of skin removed. Almost all men request a low scar of medium tightness. This generally replicates the appearance of circumcision performed in infancy. Open discussion about your style preference is encouraged.

The Plastibell technique is designed to produce a good cosmetic outcome and contributes to a safe circumcision. The risk of bleeding is diminished as the tie is placed circumferentially around the foreskin, providing a ligature on all the vessels and sealing the foreskin. This also cuts off the nerve and blood supply to the foreskin, minimising post-operative discomfort. There is no restriction on your boy’s usual activities after circumcision. Babies can be bathed and dressed normally until the Plastibell falls off spontaneously and boys can resume usual activities as soon as they wish.

Dr Read will apply a numbing cream to the penis one hour before surgery and then wrap it in plastic to maintain contact. The cream provides effective pain relief during the procedure and can provide several hours of post-operative benefit. Babies less than two to three months old usually have little discomfort, however older boys can experience some stinging during urination.

The procedure itself usually takes around 20 minutes. One of our nursing staff will take your boy and assist Dr Read while he performs the procedure. Dr Read will return our child to you for comforting and feeding after the procedure and explain the post-operative management.

A tube of post-operative ointment called Kenacomb to lubricate and protect against swelling and infection will be provided. This needs to be applied two to three times daily to the head of the penis inside the ring. After ring separation, usually occurring four to seven days post-procedure, Kenacomb should continue to be applied. A smear of blood on the nappy may appear, and redness and swelling of the penis can occur with the normal healing process. A follow up appointment will need to be made after ring separation for Dr Read to review the circumcision and demonstrate how to manage longer term care.