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Meet Dr Jacintha Kannairan

Dr Jacinta Kannairan - Southport Doctors
Dr Jacintha Kannairan

Skin Cancer Management

Women’s Health 

Chronic Disease Management

07 5531 3205

Dr. Jacintha Kannairan brings a compassionate approach to Family Medicine, dedicated to crafting personalized care pathways for each of her patients. With a comprehensive interest in all aspects of general practice, she has a particular passion for Women’s Health, including pregnancy and postpartum care, Adolescent and Children’s Health, Chronic Disease Management, Mental Health, and Skin-related conditions, including Skin Cancer diagnosis and management.

Since 2009, Dr. Kannairan has been an integral part of the Australian healthcare landscape, achieving her Fellowship from the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and earning a Diploma in Dermatology. She is also well-trained in Skin Cancer Medicine and Surgery, bringing an expert level of care to her patients.

Her experience has made her acutely aware of the distinct healthcare needs of the local community. Dr. Kannairan takes pride in delivering holistic medical solutions, emphasizing the overall well-being of those she serves.

Her ability to communicate in English, Malay, and Tamil enables her to connect with and care for a diverse patient demographic effectively. This multilingual skill ensures that she can provide the most comprehensive care to a broad range of patients.

Outside of her clinical duties, Dr. Kannairan cherishes her downtime, finding joy and rejuvenation in moments away from the medical world.

Dr. Kannairan’s commitment to her patients and medicine is evident in the thorough, empathetic care she provides. She looks forward to welcoming you to Southport Doctors and supporting your health journey.


Please note: Dr Kannairan will commence work with Southport Doctors on the 6th of Februaryh

Skin Cancer Management

Women’s Health

Adolescent and Children’s Health

Chronic Disease Management

Mental Health

MBBS, Australian Medical Council (AMC), FRACGP

Tuesday and Thursday

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