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Circumcision for adults: Benefits, risks and recovery Although the number of adult men undergoing a circumcision has dropped to 20%, men are still undergoing the procedure. Are there any risks that should be noted before undergoing the procedure? What are some of the benefits of a circumcision? Read below to find out the answers. Benefits […]

What is a vasectomy? More men are undergoing a vasectomy to manage birth control. According to data from Medicare (2018) (, there were a total number of 25,659 vasectomy procedures undertaken by men across Australia last year. If you elect to have a vasectomy at Southport Doctors, our goal is to ensure that your procedure […]

Top reasons to see your GP Did you know that 43% of Australian women are overdue for a cervical cancer screening? Many Australians know far too little about their personal health which often results in potential medical issues and risks that are caused by chronic diseases. Choosing preventative healthcare can potentially reduce these risks which […]

Tips for staying active over winter At Southport Doctors, we want to share some helpful tips on how to keep active this winter. With winter here, it feels much more difficult to break away from the warm fireplace to try and fit in some exercise. Keeping active and fit, especially in the wintertime, has endless […]

Fad diets: Are they safe? We all wish that there was a magical way to lose weight quickly which is why fad diets offer temptation as a quick fix to long-term problems. The truth, unfortunately, is that there is no hasty remedy when it comes to health and nutrition. So what exactly is a fad […]

What is professional ear wax cleaning? Earwax or cerumen is the oily yellow residue our bodies naturally produce to keep our ears clean, waterproof and germ-free. Our ears are actually self-cleaning. The wax normally gathers up dead skin cells and dirt and this easily exits the ear canal. However, this isn’t always the case; sometimes […]

How do I check myself for skin cancers? Moles, coloured spots and growths on the skin are usually harmless — but not always. The earlier a skin cancer is identified and treated, the better your chance of avoiding extensive surgery and other advanced treatments such as immunotherapy and chemotherapy. For some cancers, non-surgical methods such as the use of […]

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