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Circumcision for adults: Benefits, risks and recovery

Although the number of adult men undergoing a circumcision has dropped to 20%, men are still undergoing the procedure. Are there any risks that should be noted before undergoing the procedure? What are some of the benefits of a circumcision? Read below to find out the answers.

Benefits of Circumcision

Some of the benefits associated with undergoing a circumcision include:

  • Improved hygiene – Most men find it easier and simpler to wash the penis.
  • Lower risk of urinary infections
  • Urine and smegma doesn’t accumulate – With the removal of the foreskin, there won’t be a build up of mucus and dead skin cells which can produce an offensive smell.
  • Penile Cancer – With a circumcision, the risk of penile cancer decreases and reduces the need for surgery which can cause impaired penile function
  • Reduced risk of cervical cancer – There is a 5 times reduction in the risk of cervical cancer in a female partner of a man who have undergone a circumcision
Risks of Circumcision

Before undergoing any surgical procedure, it is important to understand the risks. For a circumcision, it is even more important as this surgical procedure is unable to be redone. Some of the risks include:

  • Foreskin could be cut too short or be too long – This may result in abnormal scaring
  • Bleeding and infection from around the site of circumcision
  • Complications of the wound – If the stitches and incisions don’t heal properly, it can result in skin issues as well as circumcision scars
  • Urethra damage – There is a risk of damage occurring to the urethra (this is the tube that carries urine through the penis). If this becomes damaged, the urethra can become narrow which can make it hard to pass urine.
Circumcision Recovery

At Southport Doctors, the circumcision procedure occurs at the Gold Coast Surgery Centre and is performed by the experienced Dr Michael Read who has over 30 years’ experience performing circumcisions. Since a circumcision procedure doesn’t interfere with work life, you will be required to have a day off work for the surgery and possibly another two additional days for recovery.  Although in the past, we have seen some patients return to work the next day – although this isn’t recommended.

Circumcision For Adults at Southport Doctors

If you are considering a circumcision or would like more information, contact us at Southport Doctors. Alternatively, you can contact Dr Michael Read at Gold Coast Surgery Centre where he can sit down with you and discuss the procedure in more details.

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