Circumcision Revision: What You Need to Know Circumcision is a common surgical procedure that involves the removal of the foreskin from the penis. It is usually performed on newborns for cultural or religious reasons, or as a medical necessity.  Many teenage and adult men also choose to have the procedure performed. However, like any surgical procedure, complications can occur. […]

Adult Circumcision You may be considering getting circumcised for various reasons. It could be for personal or cultural beliefs, hygiene purposes, or even medical recommendations. Whatever the reason may be, it is important to understand the procedure, the benefits, the potential risks and the recovery.  Reasons for adult circumcision Circumcision is often performed for medical […]

Circumcision – a guide for parents Circumcision is a simple procedure that removes the foreskin – a sleeve of skin covering the tip of the penis. Parents have the legal right to authorize circumcision. In order to make an informed decision, they must carefully consider the benefits and risks. Since the foreskin traps bacteria and […]

Circumcision for adults: Benefits, risks and recovery Although the number of adult men undergoing a circumcision has dropped to 20%, men are still undergoing the procedure. Are there any risks that should be noted before undergoing the procedure? What are some of the benefits of a circumcision? Read below to find out the answers. Benefits […]