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Top reasons to see your GP

Did you know that 43% of Australian women are overdue for a cervical cancer screening? Many Australians know far too little about their personal health which often results in potential medical issues and risks that are caused by chronic diseases. Choosing preventative healthcare can potentially reduce these risks which is why we at Southport Doctors encourage you to begin visiting your healthcare professional more regularly so that you can gain control of your health.

Why should I visit my GP regularly?

Of course, it’s impossible to know exactly when you’re going to get sick or injured but there are a number of other health issues that can either be prevented or detected by visiting your GP more regularly. Though it’s not necessary to visit us 13 times a year, at Southport Doctors, our professionals are trained to help you identify if you are at risk of developing a more serious health problem which is only possible with more frequent check-ups. With 280 Australians being diagnosed with diabetes every day and 3 million potentially dealing with untreated high blood pressure, now is as good at time as any to begin visiting us more frequently. Here are just a handful of chronic diseases that could be prevented by seeking the guidance of your GP:

  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Cervical cancer risk profile in women
  • Which vaccinations are needed when travelling abroad
Why are blood pressure and cholesterol important?

Two of the most important numbers that you should know are your cholesterol and blood pressure. They should be under a certain number depending on your age. Anything higher that is left unchecked, could develop into far more serious conditions. High cholesterol levels more than double the chances of heart disease while high blood pressure is a risk factor in everything from kidney disease to heart attacks. High blood pressure also greatly increases the risk of heart disease.  Anyone who has high blood pressure should try to visit a doctor around 4 – 6 times a year. Being in the know about these numbers and having them checked on a semi-regular basis will allow you adopt lifestyle changes such as a healthier diet and an exercise routine that will help you maintain or improve your health.

Regular visits to the GP can decrease your healthcare costs

As contradictory as it may sound, visiting the doctor more often will allow you to decrease the amount of healthcare costs you pay because a GP visit is nothing when compared to what you could potentially pay for a condition that wasn’t detected on time. Early diagnosis could prevent the need for surgery which would cost far more than a doctor’s visit and a screening.

Regular GP visits can lower ER and hospital visits

Visiting the doctor regularly can allow you to lower the number of ER or hospital visits. It is possible for underlying conditions to cause no symptoms that are readily noticeable by you which could result in the condition worsening until you are forced to visit the hospital for treatment. Regular visits to Southport Doctors means that we can diagnose and treat these conditions before they becomes severe enough to require an ER visit. A doctor’s visit may seem like a waste of time but remember that a hospital trip takes far more time and money than a simple check-up.

Identify and prevent problems early

The bottom line is that visiting the doctor regularly will allow you to identify and prevent a wide range of issues early on. Standard blood tests, mammograms and other preventative screenings will allow us to highlight your current health risks and making any necessary treatments more effective, helping to support a long and healthy life. There are many illnesses that you could be at risk for without even realising. Your family could have a history of a disease or it could simply occur without your knowledge. A quick doctor’s visit provides you with the means to fully understand your health and what steps you need to take to keep your body fit and healthy

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