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What is a vasectomy?

More men are undergoing a vasectomy to manage birth control.

According to data from Medicare (2018) (www.medicarestatistics.humanservices.gov.au), there were a total number of 25,659 vasectomy procedures undertaken by men across Australia last year. If you elect to have a vasectomy at Southport Doctors, our goal is to ensure that your procedure goes smoothly, without any hiccups along the way.

What is a Vasectomy?

A vasectomy is a minor surgical procedure blocking sperm from the testes. This procedure will provide effective birth control.

What is involved in a vasectomy procedure?

Your procedure will be performed at the Gold Coast Vasectomy Centre, which is operated by one of our general practitioners, Dr Michael Read. For more information about Dr Michael Read, visit his website: https://drmichaelread.com.au To prevent any pain from occurring during the procedure, you will be given sedation and strong medication to ensure that you are comfortable. The procedure can be completed within 15-30mins. Vasectomy involves the interruption of the passage of the sperm through the tube (also known as the vas deferens) from the testes. This occurs with a small puncture that is made to the scrotal skin.  From this, the tube is looped through the scrotal skin and a segment of the tube is then removed where the end closest to the body is closed. With this completed, the cord is returned through to the scrotum. Post-procedure, the hole closes and is non-visible externally. Before undergoing the procedure, it is important that you shave around the scrotum and pubic area. Also, you need to make sure that the area around both the groin and scrotum is clean.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Understanding both the advantages and disadvantages of the procedure is super important and will be discussed during the initial consultation with Dr Read. Here are some.


  • Effective birth control – This is important especially for couples who agree they don’t want any more children.
  • One treatment required – Basically, when the procedure is complete, that’s it. There is no need for a second procedure unless you are wanting the treatment to be reversed.
  • Protection – By undergoing a vasectomy procedure, it doesn’t over protection against sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Some pain – Post-procedure, there is the chance that some patients may continue to experience pain in the testicles.
Possible Complications

With all different types of procedures, there is the possibility of complications occurring. These include:

  • Bleeding internally
  • Infection
  • Local Swelling
Vasectomy at Southport Doctors

If you are considering vasectomy or would like more information, feel free to contact us at Southport Doctors, or alternatively you can contact Dr Michael Read at Vasectomy Centre Gold Coast where we can sit down and discuss the procedure in more detail.

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